[FANFIC] Before It’s Too Late [ONGOING]

Title: Before It’s Too Late


Kim Jonghyun

Jung Yoo Hee

Kim Taeyeon

Lee Eunhyuk

Kim Kibum

Lee Jinki

Choi Minho

Lee Taemin

(other characters will be introduced as story goes by)

Description: Jung YooHee and Kim Jonghyun had been best friends since middle school. It seems like a perfect friendship but YooHee likes her best friend and she knows he doesn’t like her back. Will she give up for the sake of their friendship even if it means having a one-sided love or will she confess to him and hope that he’ll eventually fall for her too?


I had this sudden urge to write a fanfic though I think it’s not good coz’ it’s my first time writing one. I need your feedbacks because I’m thinking whether to continue it or not. The fic has only 2 chapters for now. Here’s the link: w.tt/1q2MPek


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